Pesticide List Released and Guardian Banned

On Monday January 11th, the Oregon Department of Agriculture released a list of over 250 pesticides cannabis growers can use on their crops safely. The list is available at the ODA’s cannabis and pesticides webpage (at end)

Currently, there are no rguardian_squareegistered pesticide products in Oregon that are specifically labeled for use on marijuana. But, ODA has established criteria for possible products that mPesticide List Released & Guardian Banneday be used on marijuana. They hope to help the growers distinguish pesticide products labels. Many do not legally prohibit use on cannabis, but many do not allow use, officials said.

The criteria for use of a pesticide on cannabis is: it is intended for unspecified food products, is exempt from a tolerance, and is considered low-risk. If you use pesticides for cannabis production you should consult the guide list, follow the product label, and use that product according to its directions, according to the agency said. ALL other products could be considered illegal and it may be considered a violation of the Oregon Pesticide Laws if they are used.

Five days after the list was released, the ODA temporarily removed Guardian Mite Spray, a popular pesticide from the list. From their news release dated February 5th:

“The Oregon Department of Agriculture has ordered stoppage of sale and the removal of the pesticide product Guardian, which is labeled for use on ornamental, food, and feed crops for mite control but also used by cannabis growers. In addition, ODA is asking growers who may have purchased the pesticide product to refrain from using it. ODA’s actions come following an investigation of the product that found the presence of the pesticide active ingredient abamectin, which is not listed on the product label.

A statewide Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order (SSURO) has been issued by ODA to the manufacturer of Guardian, All In Enterprises, Inc. of Machesney Park, Illinois. The order calls for the company to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution of the product in Oregon.

The product label identifies the active ingredients as cinnamon oil and citric acid, and claims the product is 100 percent natural. ODA’s investigation was a result of concerns of product adulteration brought to the agency by a private laboratory as well as representatives of the cannabis industry. ODA’s Pesticides Program obtained and sampled Guardian from several retail locations in Oregon. Laboratory analysis found the presence of abamectin.”

According to an exchange on the phone between Oregonlive’s Noelle Crombie and the companies owner, the company didn’t know they had to list all the “active ingredients”.Oregonlive reported:

“A man identifying himself as an owner of the Illinois-based company that makes the product said it contains ivermectin, a chemical similar to abamectin. Ivermectin is not listed on the product label as required.

The man said he did not realize the product label had to include all active ingredients. He said the product has been on the market for about a year.

“We weren’t trying to pull anything,” he said. “We put it in there, and it wasn’t on the label and that’s our fault.”

The list is a powerful tool, and garden supply stores and hydroponic shops should be aware of it, and changes that will happen regularly. Cannabis gardeners that are expecting to sell to the public should also pay close attention to the list and changes.

ODA Link:Pesticides/Pages/CannabisPesticides.aspx

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