Plane From Oregon Busted in Texas With 230 Lbs of Marijuana (w/video)

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection


March 21, 2017 — A small plane that originated from Medford, Oregon was busted in Llano, Texas with 230 pounds of “vacuum sealed packages” of marijuana on Monday, March 20th. The plane, piloted by 64 year old Wayne Douglas Brunet, refueled in Holbrook Arizona before eventually landing in central Texas.

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Wayne Brunet, the pilot. Image: DPS

According to authorities, he landed at the unmanned Bulverde airport and then took off after he spotted authorities on the ground. He was headed for an airport in Lago Vista but landed at the Llano Municipal airport after he realized authorities were after him. After he landed the plane, the suspect apparently attempted to flee on foot but was arrested by Texas Department of Public Safety air unit officers (DPS). in Austin reported:

According to the criminal complaint, federal agents began tracking Brunet’s single-engine plane Sunday night as it flew from Oregon to Texas.

After landing in Texas at the airport in Bulverde, federal officials said the plane took off after spotting authorities on the ground. The plane was headed to an airport in Lago Vista, officials said, but Brunet flew to the Llano airport after seeing law enforcement officers.

Brunet landed in Llano and tried to run away, federal officials said, but he was arrested by Texas Department of Public Safety air unit officers.
Authorities said they found 15 duffel bags filled with vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana and about $6,000 in cash.

I would expect some people in Oregon are getting a little worried. No doubt authorities are going to track that shipment back here, and its not the kind of media attention the state needs after a recent report was released by the Oregon State Police. That report pointed the finger at the medical marijuana grows in the state as the main source of black market marijuana, which is a simplistic explanation of the issue. Senator Ginny Burdick also made comments to the Oregonian where she supports the findings in the report, but OCC Newspaper’s Anthony Taylor broke down the real problems in a recent opinion piece.

Video from KXAN:


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2 thoughts on “Plane From Oregon Busted in Texas With 230 Lbs of Marijuana (w/video)

  • 03/22/2017 at 3:08 am

    If Texans would coordinate with other Texans and actually write to their Representatives about how there are safe for health methods of recreational use (vaporizers, wax, oils, edibles, etc) , and how, when not being persecuted, a user can lead a full, productive, and healthy life, Texans could get the restrictions lifted. The whole “tax it” system is a waste of time, there are already ways of collecting taxes without focusing on one single item that grows from a seed just like any other item in your garden.

    Two bills of interest for Texas:

    SJR 17 – Voter Initiative Legalize Recreational

    HJR 46 – Voter Initiative Legalize Recreational

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