Police Dispatcher Arrested for 600 Pounds of Marijuana

By Keith Mansur
Oregon Cannabis Connection

It seems a few large shipments of cannabis have been busted in Ohio recently. There was a woman with her pickup truck bed full of weed, covered by a tarp late last year. That was a domestic interstate situation, I’m pretty sure since everything was vacuum sealed as you typically find in the legal western states. This bust, however, was larger, and was found in a truck from Mexico. It was better hidden, too, and was stashed in a false wheel well.

On March 6th, Butler County law enforcement stopped the truck and 400 pounds of marijuana was seized. The stop was not a accident, but followed a month long investigation by authorities. Four people were arrested during the traffic stop and all were apparently Mexican, one of whom had been deport twice before. Two others were arrested later, one of them a police dispatcher from Cincinnati.

From WLWT News in Cincinnati:

The investigation led investigators to a home of Teneal Poole, a Cincinnati police dispatcher. Cincinnati police said they believe Poole was employed with the department for around 13 years.

Officials said they found around 200 additional pounds of marijuana at the home.

Poole was charged with possession of drugs and permitting drug abuse, and her boyfriend, Damian Gray, was charged with trafficking and possession of drugs. Handguns were also seized at the home.

There was recently a family slain that were involved in growing cannabis. The involvement of organized crime was suspected.

They are finding a lot of weed in Ohio, but this Mexican stuff is usually pretty nasty. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said of the previously deported suspect, “He was just deported in October. Probably no sooner than when we dropped him off that he was right back, probably within a week selling poison.”

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