Randy Quast vs. Travis and Leah Maurer Trial Begins January 14, 2019

UPDATE (1/16/19): The trial was postponed indefinitely according to Andrew DeWeese, the attorney for the Maurers. DeWeese said that Randy Quast filed or will be filing for Bankruptcy. More information when it becomes available.

After more than two years of waiting for a trial, Randy Quast will finally have his day in court to make his case of fraud against Travis and Leah Maurer. Quast accuses the Maurers of scamming him out of nearly a million dollars in a cannabis business deal that never developed. Quast is the former Treasurer, former acting Executive Director, and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

Maurer, who moved to Oregon in 2010 from Missouri, was instrumental in raising funds to pass Oregon’s Measure 91 which¬† legalized cannabis in 2014. Using that notoriety, the Maurers were able to convince Quast that partnering with them would be a good investment for the entrepreneurial and wealthy businessman. According to Quast, it turned out to be a scam and the grow operation, dispensary, and other aspects of the business were never developed as planned. After many months of financial contributions to the endeavor, Quast finally became suspicious and claims that Maurer had not delivered on his end of the bargain and had lied to Quast about the state of the businesses development, which was practically non-existent considering the money which had been invested.

After the Quast lawsuit was filed and more news about the Maurers other antics began to surface, Travis Maurer began to publicize on social media that there was a “conspiracy” by numerous cannabis industry leaders, media, and influencers to discredit he and his wife. He directly accused Oregon Cannabis Connection of being biased and working on the part of Quast. HE accused other cannabis leaders and media of colluding with Quast, as well, but has zero evidence of any organized effort to discredit him or his wife. His attorney, Andrew DeWeese, subpoenaed the text and email records of some people to try to lay a foundation of a conspiracy, which is baseless.

What the Maurers face is a reckoning with their own conduct. There was no conspiracy to defame them by anyone. The OCC articles only point out the lawsuits that were filed and the facts that were evident so readers could decide for themselves. This trial will do that, as well.

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