Report: Illegal Cannabis Grows in Oregon’s Illinois Valley Impacting Environment

An extensive report by Christopher Hall for the Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District in Oregon has identified severe impacts on the environment directly caused by cannabis grows across the watershed. He discovered that 82% of all grows over 12 plants were unregistered illegal grows. These grows used an estimated 414 million gallons of water without authorization, severely impacting the regions watershed and the overall environment. These same impacts are likely occurring in other cannabis growing regions of Southern Oregon.

From the study’s Abstract:

“This report provides an introduction to the topic, a brief history of “how we got here,” an explanation of research methods (mapping and calculations of consumptive water use), a By the Numbers page in the style of Harper’s Index, a discussion of the community’s sentiment on the cannabis industry and their proposed solutions, a photo essay accompanied by quotes from the community, a discussion of the advocacy work building bridge between residents and state officials, and a conclusion with next steps and further research needed. The appendices and links contain
extensive data, tables, and pertinent detailed discussions.

While this report seeks to explain the circumstances as noted, the greater hope is that this report will inspire further research and that readers will envision the next steps they can take.”

The study is well done with supporting documentation on the conclusions. You can download the entire report here:

Christopher Hall contact information:

(541) 415-8010

Featured Images from report

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