Review: Marley Natural Brand Flower

By Jamie Allen

Oregon Cannabis Connection


Marley Natural has released a line of cannabis flower that is sungrown and locally sourced. That means you can expect Oregon-grown buds in Oregon sun—this is not something I can say of many other large-scale companies, which prefer indoor controlled environments over natural sungrown cultivation. Each prepackaged eighth comes in a glass jar with a rubber sealed wooden lid, and that’s pretty cool, even for a seasoned smoker like me. Marley Natural packages their four varieties by strain type and, having tried each, I can now give our readers a little taste by way of imagination.marley_natural_cannabis-0-0

Marley Red—This high CBD high strain was the perfect option just after I picked up my samples, since my neck had been kinked all weekend. The Marley Red buds are more airy than other varieties, but you still can tell that Marley Red was carefully cured and the smooth smoke quickly made up for the lack of density. But did it relieve my neck? It definitely reduced my anxiety from the tension, and made me more excited to try the next strain.

Marley Gold—Marley Natural’s sativa is a great starter bud for someone looking to smoke and still be active. It won’t knock you off of your feet, but it will deliver a nice, gentle buzz while you do dishes, have tea with friends or read a good book. As a long-time smoker, I tend to reach for something too strong, with every intention of still getting that project done, and then realize that my day is long gone. Marley Gold won’t put you out of your day, but will help you skate through it—probably with a smile on your face.

Marley Black—Did I mention that I’m a seasoned smoker? Marley Black is the Marley Natural’s indica strain, suggested for nighttime use. This is probably a good choice for new smokers, but it wasn’t quite enough to knock me to my knees. Regardless, it provided a body buzz and accompanied a glass of red wine very nicely with its deep, woody flavor. This is probably because Marley Black was perfectly cured and the densest of the Marley strains.

Marley Green—This hybrid is where Marley Natural flower impressed me most. It takes you slowly, coming on about 10 minutes after burning, and gently wraps itself around your brain and limbs. The peak is a good hour of body/brain bliss, and then it slowly unwinds and lets you go as gently as it came on. Watch out, though, because in my three separate smoke sessions of Marley Green, I found myself wanting to take the best and maybe longest nap of my life when the buzz was over.

My usual advice for cannabis is to try it for yourself, because as any connoisseur knows, everyone’s experience is a little different. In my case, I found myself a mix of Marley Green and Marley Black to be the perfect bedtime smoke. You might prefer just the Black, and maybe Marley Gold will be perfect for your nausea- —I really couldn’t tell you, because I didn’t have nausea. Marley Natural’s flowers, priced at $40 an eighth, are worth trying. Besides, no matter which variety you decide to try out, you’ll get that really great jar.

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Jamie Allen

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