Right To Grow Files Appeal Against Jackson County

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection


With the passage of House Bill 4014, Senate Bill 1511 and Senate Bill 1598, significant changes were
made to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. These rules were intended to patch up part of the problems
that existed at the end of the last legislative session, but Jackson County took the wording of one
provision in SB 1598 to try to prevent most cannabis growing in Jackson County.

Sandy Diesel of Right To Grow USA (RTG USA) told OCC, “With the passage of Senate Bill 1598,
the Jackson County Board of Commissioners has interpreted the bill in a manner that has essentially
banned all cannabis grown on rural residential property.”

“Kelly Madding and the JC BOC believe the intent of SB 1598 is to deem cannabis as a “farm use”
crop,” explained Diesel. “Jackson County's stance is that “farm use” crops are not permitted to be
grown on Rural Residential (Zoned RR) properties, in essence, shutting down nearly 6,000 growers.”

RTG USA has retained legal counsel and April 6th and filed an appeal against Jackson County, and they
said intend to file a lawsuit taking this to Circuit Court.

RTGrow-Logo-Upper-Lower“To say that we at Right To Grow, USA are disappointed by this decision is a gross understatement,” explained Diesel. “We believe Jackson County needs to be held accountable, for creating a severe public health crisis by taking away patients safe access to medicine.”

Should you wish to support their lawsuit, please contact RTG-USA at www.righttogrowusa.com. Their mission is: to effect positive change and facilitate the drafting of lawful and responsible legislation for medical cannabis that preserves and protects the rights of patients, physicians and providers.

Clarification (4-20-2016): Right To Grow, USA is not affiliated with Right To Grow, Southern Oregon Facebook group.

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Keith Mansur

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