Save Our Patients Video Fundraiser

We need your help! Every small donation matters!

By OCC Staff


There is a project launched by Compassionate Oregon and Anthony Taylor to produce a video presentation that would help convey the dire situation that is ahead for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) program in Oregon.

They need to raises more money to help pay for the video and editing, and get more people for interviews to be in this short film. This production will benefit the medical program in the future, too, by providing a professionally done presentation to sway the hearts and minds of those unaware of the medical cannabis patient’s situation. It will be a valuable resource for those that want to convince local leaders or others that are resistant to medical marijuana limits, growing, and more.


From Anthony Taylor at Compassionate Oregon:

Save Our Patients

OMMP patients are in crisis and the legislature does not seem to care.

  • From January 2015 to October 2016 patients that did not designated a grower doubled.
  • Availability of medicines in dispensaries especially edibles, tinctures and oils has all but vanished. .
  • The legislature and some in our own community want to move OMMP growers to OLCC.
  • In the last four years only one bill has been introduced addressing patient concerns.

So what are we gonna do about it?

In an effort to re-establish patient voices in Salem, Compassionate Oregon has started a project to help with this..

Our project will:

  • Present the side of patients and doctors in the OMMP and re-establish their voice in Salem via a video-taped presentation of patients, physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Paint a broader picture of what patients are facing when dealing with the medical establishment as a cannabis patient.
  • Offer a path forward with a brief outline of proposed legislation that will help eliminate many of the problems patient’s now face.

We have already video-taped Dr. Janice Knox and family, Clifford Spencer, long time patient advocate and Tom Burns. We are also scheduled to roll tape on Kim Hutchinson, Director of Nursing for Our House and are currently scheduling patients to add to our arsenal.

We will need your help and here is what you can do.

Donate. Go to and donate.

Send us patients to interview. Provide names and contact info.

Help us get the word out that patients are in crises.

Compassionate Oregon will be providing scripts for those wanting to make phone calls and other efforts in social media as we move forward.


All donations will be earmarked for this project and may be made at or you may contact Anthony Taylor at 971.241.2707 for further information.

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3 thoughts on “Save Our Patients Video Fundraiser

  • 01/25/2017 at 8:35 am

    Its not too late. The fate of medical marijuana in Oregon may well be determined by this upcoming session of the legislature. They still do not understand the compassionate system of OMMP growers that provide patients with free medical marijuana. The voice of patients and the small growers who take care of them has been drowned out by the wave of industry lobbyists more interested in profits than patients. It is very difficult for the sickest patients and their caregivers to travel to Salem and tell their stories. This video is a great idea. I am donating $100 today. It is the least I can do to save the OMMP. A lot of people are complaining. Lets do something. Support his project and communicate with legislators that we need to roll back all the over regulation that is harming patients.

  • 02/07/2017 at 7:57 am

    The compasionate system ? Some medical marijuana patients are only registered to obtain free marijuana so they can sell it . I do not believe this is a very good system for Oregon . In order to abide by the COLE memo , Oregon must destroy thier medical marijuana program .. Patients should be responsible and pay for thier medicine like anyone else ..
    Go see one of the greedy dispensary owners and see what they will give to you ! Oh ya cant give it away ! Be careful what you ask for … Especially when the goverment is involed !!

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