Scheduling of Marijuana: November 12 Infographic

By William “Stash” Jones

Oregon Cannabis Connection


It is important to remember that until cannabis is no longer a Schedule I drug on the Controlled Substances Act, we will be having problems with federal over-reach into our private lives and interfering with our medical decisions. With the election of a new President, we havce a lot of concerns about the future in our industry. It would serve the new President well to look at the facts surrounding marijuana and make educated decisions and take positive steps.

This infographic does a great job of breaking down the CSA and where it came from, and what it means. After many years of wrangling over the medical use of cannabis, the government still sides on the “no medical use” side of the argument, which has basically become a obvious lie and attempt to control a substance that threatens the pharmaceutical industry, the timber industry, and energy industry, and many other large money making industries across the globe.

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Scheduling Of Marijuana Infographic

Bunched together with the likes of heroin and MDMA, marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance in the United States. But as the research supporting the benefits and safety of marijuana continues to amass – and public opinion mounts for decriminalization – the pressure on the federal government to reclassify marijuana grows. Take a look at marijuana’s current classification, the evidence supporting both its medical benefits and safety, and what states have already implemented a medical marijuana program.

Keith Mansur

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