Seniors and Medical Cannabis: Infographic

By OCC Staff
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Since Florida joined the ranks of legal medical marijuana states, the idea of seniors using cannabis has become more accepted. As  it turns out, seniors have shown to be very open to cannabis, especially when they fin that a number of their prescription medications could be stopped if they are using cannabis regularly. Cannabis is also a great way for seniors to be able to socialize without using alcohol, which is off limits to many per doctors orders.

Great activists like Robert Platshorn, author and subject of his book about smuggling marijuana in the 1970’s the Black Tuna Diaries, has been integral in educating seniors about cannabis with his Silver Tour. It will be interesting to see how the support of cannabis from seniors changes over the coming years.

We thought this infographic was especially effective at conveying some of the benefits to seniors, thanks to Las Vegas Releaf.

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