Something Smells Rank at Charlo’s Place

Charlo Greene damages her image and brand by helping Oregon’s activist grifter Travis Maurer

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection

I have watched, with amazement, as Charlo Greene continues to work with the now defunct and diminishing The Weed Blog and its grifter/owner Travis Maurer. On September 22, her superfluous fluff webcast, Charlo’s Place, featured Maurer discussing himself (his favorite pastime) and even more about himself—for almost 30 minutes. It was enough to make a true activist barf. And, can’t the man afford a different shirt with just a few dollars of the money he swindled?

Let’s set the record straight on what I think of Charlo’s Place, generally, as a show. It’s a fun show with a pretty lady and features cool new products and fluff, if that’s what you like. That’s all. If you know me, and my publication, then you know I personally find it superfluous, at best. There is no significance to the show; there is no news worthiness to the show. Above all, there is certainly no sign of the once mainstream Alaska Television “reporter” who told the world, “Fuck it, I quit.” Charlo is an entertainer, and one who sells her image with a smile and giggles, nothing more.

With that being said, it is NO surprise that Maurer would go on her show, which he has syndicated on his declining blog. On a webcast like hers, Maurer has ample opportunity to spin his image as that “wonderful guy” he needs people to think he is (essential to a con man), and without the threat of any real questions, from a serious news media outlet. With a million dollar lawsuit now playing out in Multnomah county courts, anything Maurer can do to repair his con-man image is necessary so he can continue to fool unsuspecting investors and organizers.

After over 25 minutes of basking in his accomplishments, he actually indicated that he would like to return to Missouri to help them legalize cannabis, even though he has been completely discredited as an organizer and potential investment vehicle for legalization, and so has his wife! In fact, Leah Maurer was ejected from the Show-Me-Cannabis (SMC) Board of Directors whenthe legal problems and serious accusations were brought to light in late 2015.

Of course, Maurer made it “The Travis Maurer” show as best he could. Even when asked a very broad question at the end, Maurer made it all about himself. This question was about the broader movement nationwide, not Maurer at all.

“What do you see happening next, if things go the way they have been going,” Greene asked of Maurer.

“If I had all the money in the world, or if I was doing really well for myself, I would continue to try to help at the grassroots level,” Maurer explained. “I would like to go back to St. Louis sometime, soon than later … and go to those communities and get them the tools, help raise the money, and help to really have a platform to speak off of.”

Greene followed that up with another, simple question, “What do you need to make that sort of thing happen?”

Of course, it was a simple answer from Maurer, “Money! Honestly it’s money, it’s fucking money.”

He admitted a few other things are necessary, like a coalition of leaders—responsible leaders, someone who understands the community—another passing mention or two, but it came back to money. Unfortunately for some possible unsuspecting investor, neither Travis Maurer nor his wife Leah possess any of those qualities.

After his first day in court, and documents released that show Maurer can’t pay his attorney in the current lawsuit, expecting him to be a money-raising wizard anymore have completely vanished, you might say. That is, unless he can swindle some truly ignorant fool like Charlo, he might have a chance.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor,” said Desmond Tutu once. “Radical” Russ Belville shared that quote, and a few others recently, in a post on Facebook about Maurer. In the post he eloquently derided a woman for taking a “Can’t we all just get a bong” attitude over Maurers’ fraud and deceit. The same can be said of Charlo’s lackadaisical attitude.

For Maurer, it’s about one thing only: the money!

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Keith Mansur

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