South Australia To Explore Hemp Reform

By Johnny Green

From Weed News


Hemp reform is sweeping the United States. The State of Kentucky expects to almost triple production this year, and many states have seen bills introduced in recent years to get hemp programs off the ground. But there are also international efforts underway. South Australia is the latest. South Australia’s Manufacturing Minister is calling a roundtable to explore what it would take to build a thriving hemp industry in South Australia.
Per ABC:

“South Australia’s Manufacturing Minister Kyam Maher said the meeting was “about creating an industry”.

He said industry groups and companies looking to make things like building products, clothing, textiles and skin care products had been invited.

“We want to look at what barriers we can remove to the industry and then it will really be up to the market forces to decide whether this crop is a viable and sustainable crop in South Australia,” Mr Maher said.

Hemp is such a versatile plant, that I’d expect all types of ideas to be brought up in the roundtable. Hemp products go way beyond rope and paper. It’s estimated that as many as 25,000 things can be made out of hemp. I don’t know what the climate of South Australia is, or what hemp plants would need to thrive, but hemp plants are very tough and can grow almost anywhere. It sounds like South Australia is in need of jobs too, which a strong hemp industry would provide.

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