Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine Staff and Patients Say Goodbye to Beloved Dr. Robert Jamison

By Lori Duckworth

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On November 20, 2016, Oregon lost a dear physician who was wellloved across the state, especially by medical marijuana patients. Dr. Robert E. Jamison, 67, of Klamath Falls died after he lost control of the car he was driving on the icy roadway and crashed into another vehicle. The crash occurred on Highway 140 west of Klamath Falls near milepost 31. 

Dr. Jamison had been employed as a physician by Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine, LLc (SOAM) since June of 2014. He treated thousands of patients all over the state of Oregon in the 17+ locations for SOAM. He helped children as young as three years old and as old (to our knowledge) as 98 years old, to qualify them for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

The unique quality I respected so much in Dr. J, as I called him, was the neverwavering compassionate primary care he provided to so many patients for free. These patients simply could not afford to go to a doctor. He knew and understood that the cost of healthcare was beyond the means of poor patients, and did more than his part to heal people the right waythrough the use of herbs, minerals and cannabis. Let’s not forget his special little boxes— small devices used for treatments that I received to treat fibromyalgia and migraines.

It was such a joy to see him walk into the office in the mornings with that smile that will never be duplicated. No matter what the day was like on the outside, he always made it feel good on the inside. His conspiracy theories were always something one wanted to believe (some came true) because he knew so much about the history of politics and had so much overall world knowledge. He was a great doctor to many and a great friend, too.

I am happy that I got to know Dr. Robert Jamison as well as I did. His work here changed many lives forever. He leaves behind a wife and three sons. Rest in peace, my friend.

Here are some kind words from a few of the patients Dr. Jamison treated, as well as the staff here at SOAM who knew and loved him:

Dr Jamison was an amazing MD. He knew local issues around Lyme disease and supported both our kids treatment with their specialist, who he personally knew. Our kids, ages three and seven,suffer from complicated cases of Lyme with coinfections that cause terrible disabling pain. Dr Jamison wanted to help ease that pain heal our babiessaving their lives, really. Thank you Dr. J. You will be missed! – Mother of two patients

I have had Dr. Jamison treating me for several years now and am greatly saddened by his death. He was the first doc in 40 years to really help me with my chronic pain and my lifelong gut issue. No other doc had cared enough to do anything more than push pills at me. I got off all my pharmaceuticals and finally found relief following his recommendations. I’ll continue to stick to them, as I try to find a nice guy like him to keep this old vet plugging along. – A veteran and patient

Dr. Jamison was generous and has helped me and my family numerous times without asking for anything back. He has been to my house to see my mom who I take care of. He has seen me at a drop of a dime instead of me spending money at the ER when I needed him. He has, for the last two years, been treating my daughter’s back pain. – Sandi Lynch, SOAM, Springfield, Oregon

I’ve worked beside Dr. Jamison for a year. He was a bit of a conspiracy nut, but he worked tirelessly to help people in pain all over Oregon. He was a bright smile in the morning when he arrived and grateful for our efforts in the evening when he left, sometimes after 11 to 12 hour clinic days. He will be missed. – Farrah Halsey, SOAM, Portland, Oregon

When Dr. Jamison worked with the Springfield team he was always gentle and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to help patients in need. I have never met such a giving doctor and I admired him so much for that. It is a great loss to the world, [because] he was such a different healer than most. It brings great sadness to all of Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine Staff and patients he will always be missed. – Elena Gonzales, SOAM, Springfield, Oregon

Dr. Jamison was one of the biggest reasons that I fell in love with SOAM. He was a real Doc: the old school kind. The kind that listened and cared and desired to heal the people. The way he looked, the way he spoke, quirky, calm, earthly professional, caring, honest, reliable—so many qualities too mention. He was so attentive and had extremely good intuition. – Tia Reagan,SOAM, Medford, Oregon

I absolutely ADORED Dr Jamison! I was always impressed how “on top of his game” he was. He was such a huge advocate for natural medicine and a fighter against the ignorance and greed of traditional medicine. To him, what mattered most was the quality of care the patient received. We all saw this on a daily basis over the two years he was with us. He always had that amazing SMILE on his face every day. Thank you, Lord, for gracing me with Dr. Robert Jamison. I am forever changed. – Anna Johnson, SOAM General Manager, Medford, Oregon

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