Stoners Hack CIA Director’s Email


By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection


It appears the CIA Director’s personal email account was so insecure a self proclaimed stoner was able to hack it with ease. The New York Post reported October 18th that a group calling themselves CWA, or “Crackas With Attitude”, were apparently able to hack Director John Brennan’s bank account information, as well. This was done by “social engineering” which involves tricking AOL and Verizon to reset his email password. This allowed them access to, among other things, his contact list and many private emails, some concerning matters in Iraq and Syria.

The information was shared through social media on the groups Twitter account, @phphax.

CNN London’s Laurie Segall was able to reach the hackers by phone and speak with them about their breach, “There was a lot of, I guess, private information… he’s stupid, really. He’s supposed to be so high in the government…he should be more clever.”

When Segall asked about their background, the caller replied, “I am below the age of 22 years old and, um, I smoke pot and I live in America.”

“And you smoke pot?” the CNN reporter asked.

“All day, every day,” he replied.

“And you think you might have hacked the Director of the CIA while you were high?” Segall inquired further.

“Probably,” the hacker explained.

“Are you sophisticated hackers?” Segall asked.

“In the middle, maybe,” the caller replied. “We’re not like, stupid…but we’re not really smart.”

They also explained their motivations, telling Segall, “Free Palestine! The United States government funds Israel, and in Israel they kill innocent people.”

Segall then asked about their future plans, which include the release of more material, and who their targets might be and the hacker responded, “The government, the police, and the White House people…they’re losers.”

Director Brennan should be ashamed of the poor security measures taken with his private email, and even more disturbed over his bank account being hacked, too. As people in our industry know, daily marijuana users are in almost every part of our society.

The one sector that has few, if any, marijuana smokers is…no surprise…the U.S. Government. Maybe they should consider allowing marijuana use by government workers, especially in intelligence matters where clever and creative people are needed.

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