ODA Stop Sale Cancelled on SNS 217C

Stop Sale Cancelled on SNS 217C

By OCC Staff

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) cancelled one of their recent stop sale orders. On July 20th, the ODA ordered 14 products removed from shelves due to mislabeling of their products. The orders were based on reports from the Washington State Agricultural Department, but further investigation appears to exonerate Sierra Natural Science SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control®, one of the accused sprays from any wrongdoing.

From the Oregon Dept of Agriculture via OLCC:

Subject: [Cannabis] Stop Sale Cancelled for SNS 217C ®

Last week the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) issued a stop sale for a number of products that are adulterated with a pesticide active ingredient. The stop sale was based on work done by the Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

This week, ODA was notified that one of the products is not in fact adulterated. ODA has subsequently cancelled the stop sale for the following product and put it back on the ODA guide list of pesticide products for use on cannabis:

Sierra Natural Science 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We take this issue very seriously and will continue to communicate with you as best as we can in this rapidly changing industry environment.


Keith Mansur

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