Stop The Proposed Marijuana Tax Increase

By Steve Marchick
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Oregon State HB-2204

The legal cannabis market is still in its infancy in Oregon.  Creating a new tax will push more people away from the legal market and towards the illegal market.  Not only will this create a public safety problem in Oregon but it will ultimately drive down the marijuana state tax revenue.  I urge you to vote no to HB 2204.

We need to reduce as many barriers as possible to entice the existing illegal black market consumers into the regulated legal market, not drive them away.  The Cannabis market is extremely price sensitive,  additional taxes at this time would be detrimental to all stakeholders.

One of the top priorities of the Oregon Cannabis Industry this legislative session is to push back hard on the desire to allow local governments to raise its marijuana tax rate from 3% to 8%. The bill is going to have a vote in the House Revenue Committee next Tuesday April 11 in Salem.

Please reach out to your legislator in the House to urge them to not support HB 2204.  Additionally, emails and phone calls should also be directed to the Oregon House Revenue committee members.

Sending an email would be most helpful so it’s on their record but a phone call will also work. Both is best.

If you do not know who your legislator is simply go to this website and type in your address.  You can also contact the Revenue Committee and their names and contact information can be found here.

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Steve Marchick is an Oregon Cannabis Consultant/Advocate and supports common sense regulations for cannabis. You can contact Steve at and follow him on  Instagram @slmrocketman1.


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One thought on “Stop The Proposed Marijuana Tax Increase

  • 04/10/2017 at 8:00 pm

    WTF??!! Do our leaders and administrators not get it? Taxed and regulated is NOT strangling it with excessive taxes and onerous regulations! Talk to your representatives and senators in Salem telling them THIS bill, HB 2204, will NOT increase our GF money and WILL drive people into the black market, putting patients and adults at more risk of someone’s potential criminal behavior! Stop HB2204 NOW!!

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