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How and Why Facebook Accounts Used for Cannabis Activism Were Shut Down by a Cannabis Jacktivist

By Miggy 420

How do you have a social media presence with no social media? You blog. First I would like to reiterate Fuck You to Facebook and the douche canoe that flagged my account, the same douche canoe that killed an email account I was using to contact pot prisoners and other evil acts. The sad part is he’s in the industry and has a place only cause he plays to play and mostly plays the victim.

Let me walk you through the steps of when my account was deactivated; first, the idiot in question tried to “hack” into my account, but since he couldn’t do that, he flagged my account. Now, these types of actions are nothing new from said individual, as a matter of fact, take a look at this lawsuit. He’s capable of all sorts of assholeness, some I witness first-hand others I read.

How do I know he tried to hack into my account? First thing in the morning I woke to an email asking if I attempted to log in and not to worry that it’s secured and no one got in. I don’t have to be psychic to know it was that got me deleted. If he wants to sue me, that would be awesome since he would have to prove it wasn’t him and we can compare IP addresses and logins with a subpoena to Facebook for the login records of the attempted login to my account and any prior logins by Steven Travis Maurer of The Weed Blog.

TWB, Travis Maurer, Leah Maurer, TWB, The Weed Blog, Miggy 420

These antics are routine for Steven Travis Maurer, husband of Leah Maurer but not only does he hurt the person he attacks but the good that person does for the cannabis conversation. As much damage as he does you would think he was a cop.

I never knew who Travis was until TheWeedBlog ownership went to court, it was then I learned of his manipulative ways and ability to slander while dodging any real repercussion.

Upon feeling defeated and deflated, having lost contact with so many people I have helped or losing access to those who need help is the real damage done here. This dickhead may claim to be an activist because he was raided years ago in Missouri but who has he helped besides himself?

Fundraising is ok, but that’s all he’s done and wants the praises of so many on the frontlines. Besides raising money for Oregon’s Initiative (where the money was given as opportunities to be a part of a billion dollar network, see Leah’s pitch emails for that, at a time when she had no ownership of the blog but claimed so) or helping create a local group such as Portland Women Grow, where again you defunct investors (not just money investors but networkers, so investors of their time) for why else was this group disbanded?

People in the industry constantly tell me I should lighten up on these two, but there’s no lightening up when they are cancer to the conversation, lousy business practices who speak a big game as long as they pay to play, that’s their relevance, and it’s disgusting to see people support these two.

I was part of The Weedblog long before Travis and Leah were, I have the documentation for that, and I had an email account that helped me be anonymous while maintaining the day job. Its when they cut me off from the email account that showed me the type of people they are, manipulative and selfish.

Now back to my mighty fine detective work, within 24 hours of my second account’s birth I was flagged for not using my real name, only an asshole human is seeking me out, cops who arrest people for pot and Travis Maurer.

It was at this point I decided to send this knucklehead a “You can try but won’t silence me” email, his reply was pure gaslighting of how I’m the super asshole. Look, I’m not innocent in real life, but on Facebook, I’ve kept my aim at furthering the cannabis conversation and making people smile because this activist shit is depressing as fuck. Always sick people, people unjustly imprisoned, broken families, broken children who will become broken adults, all due to a bad law.

Back to my Detective Kushseau work, eventually the second account was taken down and it was this morning I woke to an email from Travisty Maurer stating “Disappear Again?”

TWB, Travis Maurer, Leah Maurer, TWB, The Weed Blog, Miggy 420

Now as Charlamagne tha God says “I’m not the strongest strain in dispensary but..” so there we have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, a 10-year-old network gone. Ten years have gone due to a company being too big for its britches and a manipulative douche who pays a PR group to fix the main page Google algorithm, so all their lawsuits and past lousy business practices don’t pop in the first page of results.

Life After Facebook

All is quiet on the western front, with no Facebook I feel like as if I’ve been sentenced to the Phantom Zone in Superman II. My routine used to be to scroll through for comments and tags, always someone tagging in me in a post by cops bragging about their “big” pot arrest that would have killed no one. When it comes to trolling the police, there’s, unfortunately, plenty of material out there but I would like to say there are good ones out there as well.

TWB, Travis Maurer, Leah Maurer, TWB, The Weed Blog, Miggy 420

Along with being involved in conversations, I would use my as admin powers to help spread the word of other people. People with sick kids documenting their fight and people who found cannabis treat their ailments, people trying to get their canna message out there. I did all these things without asking for anything in return because we all win when the conversation is higher than us and for me, it always will be. Occasionally I shave my beard and people freak out, I like to say “I make the beard, the beard doesn’t make me,” and the same can be said for to the free app known as Facebook.

In my previous rant, I may have gone over the top on the comparison, but the truth is I identify more with my email accounts than I do with the name on my birth certificate. I have three primary email accounts, 1 for cannabis business (which use to include trolling), 1 for the technical profession, and 1 for kids school or other “grownup duties” I have.

It’s sad that it’s someone who technically owns what was once a powerful weed website but turned into a more powerful Facebook page is the person behind my page, and an email account used to fight prohibition being eliminated. The Maven website can call itself a platform all it wants but what it does it absorbs sites and banks on the traffic provided by these predestined networks. The identity of TheWeedBlog has been sliced and diced; it no longer is an influencer but a distractor.

Facebook’s stock is dropping because it forgot its internet roots. The account I had for ten years had enough real traffic and real-life interactions that they should have considered emailing and discussing options before deleting my account or forcing me to go by a name I don’t identify as except on government paperwork.

It feels good being cut off from such an inanimate corporate object to no longer be free data on my human interactions but. But it’s sad and disheartening seeing someone in the cannabis industry gaslighting their way through while hurting help for others and knowing I won’t be able to help people the way I did with reaching over 100k in one day via one post in groups and pages I admin or was just a part of.

You can only lead a horse to water, so if you’re in the industry or an investor looking to drop 100 thousand in cannabis avoid The Maurers. This is not in fighting but the calling out of bad players in the cannabis conversation.