Temporary Hemp Rules Filed By Oregon Department of Agriculture

Memo from Oregon Department of Agriculture:

March 6, 2019 — ODA filed temporary hemp rules this week, which bring testing rules for industrial hemp for human consumption and hemp items into compliance with the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) testing rules as required by ORS 571.330.

Under state law (ORS 571.330), industrial hemp intended for human consumption and hemp items must be tested the same as marijuana under OHA’s rules. OHA recently adopted new testing rules and ODA’s current testing rules did not meet OHA’s new requirements. ODA filed these rules to follow state law and avoid confusion.

Recordkeeping requirements are also clarified. ODA will be working on a template that growers and handlers can use to maintain appropriate records. Once that is available, it will be posted on the hemp website and announced here.

All hemp rules are available on the Secretary of State’s website and are linked from the ODA hemp webpage.

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