The Different Types Of CBD Oil You Should Know About

You have a wide variety of products to choose from when it comes to CBD oil. They range from capsules, gummies, salves, balms, and so on. As far as we all know, there is a particular product available for each of our needs. Aside from that, there are also classifications you must be aware of as a consumer. That way, you’ll know if the CBD product you’re taking is the right one for you. 


Most of us have heard of CBD’s rising popularity throughout the globe. However, some of us may not know what it is exactly or what its purpose is as a compound. It has many uses. Many people have witnessed and experienced the wonders it has brought. Some of its benefits are scientifically proven, and a few are still under study. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of named cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. It’s known for being non-psychoactive, unlike many of its cousins. They’re from a line of plant species known as the Cannabaceae family. You’d find hemp and marijuana in this family tree; these two specific species have been compared for many years already because of its content. 


This plant is considered to be the safest among all the other species. Many questions about how it is that different from marijuana have been rolling in, and so, here’s your answer. Hemp is a plant that contains more cannabidiol rather than any psychoactive compound. These compounds can give unwanted results and phases that most people won’t like. The reason why people have been raving about cannabidiol is because of its many health benefits. 

Moreover, hemp is the perfect plant to extract this compound and is used as a source. That way, you get to experience its benefits without any harmful side effects. According to the Cheef Botanicals website, there are a variety of products like I have mentioned before. Most of it is all-natural, vegan, and organic so you do not have to worry about changing your diet.


Let’s go back to psychoactive compounds; the most popular one would be THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. In contrast to hemp, marijuana is exceptionally rich in this compound, making it a toxic type of plant. Most of us are aware that marijuana or smoking pot gets you “high”. The reason for that is because of THC. Considering it’s a psychoactive compound, it’s quite clear that it causes such a reaction. 

Now that we’re aware of their differences let’s get to know the different CBD oil types. Of course, like any other product, it has classifications. Most likely, the difference will be in their content. Knowing that CBD products are all-natural, all of its components are very much alike in the three classifications. However, it’s essential to see the content of a specific compound in each product. 

The Three Classifications


Since these products are often used for medicinal purposes, it’s normal for a product to contain all existing cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. Many believe that when all cannabinoids work together, it works better. It’s also said to have an entourage effect that creates an effective treatment. This is an essential factor to most since they’re using it to gain those health benefits. Most users would agree that it surpasses the old CBD Isolate, which we’ll talk about below. 

CBD Isolate

Like I have mentioned before, THC causes a high. Therefore, the isolate doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds from cannabis. It’s one of the right options when you want to try cannabidiol without any THC content (read more). People have been raving about this type of product before the entourage effect was discovered. However, some people still prefer to use this since they believe it’s safer.


Compared to full-spectrum, this type of CBD contains all the existing cannabinoids in cannabis except for THC. It’s also one of your safest bet since it doesn’t have a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol. However, just like full-spectrum, it’s also capable of causing an entourage effect. I believe it’s still good news since a lot of people like this effect. It happens when all the other cannabinoids are working together. 

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