The Ultimate Guide to Cooking With Cannabis

Marijuana and food have always been two inseparable terms. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the post-joint munchies, pot brownies, or hash cookies. Where cannabis is, there has to be food. What’s more, thanks to the ongoing legalization, cannabis-infused products have finally got mainstream acceptance.

The number of marijuana edibles has grown significantly in the past few years, and more products flood the market each year. There are cannabis-infused burgers, breakfast cereal, potato chips, or pizza sauce. You can even find CBD gum and cheese if you look hard enough.

But while consuming these products is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, cooking your own edibles brings even more fun. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy and yet satisfying.

But even though it doesn’t require much effort, you still need to know the basics of how to make cannabis-infused foods. More on that in the guide below.

Pick the Right Strain

If you’re new to the world of marijuana, know one thing – there are currently at least more than 700 known cannabis strains. Each one has a unique taste and properties that can significantly impact your cooking. With that in mind, you should consider picking a strain as one of your priorities here.

Also, keep in mind that there are differences between THC and CBD, meaning you need to decide which you intend to cook. Usually, it’s the latter used in the kitchen, although you can experiment with THC as well.

The best idea is to do research. You can also get a couple of smaller samples from your dispensary and try them out.

Another thing. Before the purchase, you need to decide the intention of your meal. As mentioned before, various weed strains can have different effects, so choose carefully.

Decarboxylation and Infusion

Once you get your strain, it’s time to prepare an infusion. To make it tastier and more efficient, make sure you choose only high-quality products. Trying to save money on olive oil or butter will do you no good. Keep in mind that the better the product, the better the infusion.

But before you get to make it, you have to decarboxylate your cannabis. It’s actually a crucial step, and you mustn’t forget to perform it before making an infusion. Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that, in short, activates THC in marijuana.

You perform it by heating your dry cannabis in around 250 Fahrenheit for about 40-60 minutes. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep the temperatures low. If you overheat marijuana, it will lose its precious terpene characteristics.

After this step, you can start making your infusion. Bear in mind that when creating a cannabutter, it takes around 24 hours to cool and firm. On the other hand, infusing olive oil takes 4-6 hours, so be sure to plan everything.

Oh, and don’t forget that these are not just your only two options when preparing infusions. You can also use coconut oil and honey.

Tasty Recipes to Try

When you’re waiting for your infusion to get ready, it’s time to decide what you want to cook. And when it comes to that, there are many options ahead of you. Cannabis cooking has become extremely popular, and we’re far past the times of pot brownies only.

Below a few examples of recipes you can try:

  • Weed-infused lobster curry
  • Spicy sardine spaghetti with cannabis
  • Gnocchi in cannabutter
  • Cannabis macaroni and cheese
  • Edible gummies

As you probably suspect, this list is much longer. Thanks to that, you won’t find it challenging to come across a recipe you might want to cook. What’s more, since all of these recipes are available online, finding the ones for you will take you just a few seconds.

For example, many fantastic recipes can be found on this page. They come with easy to follow instructions, ensuring your first cannabis cooking experience is going to be great.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana edibles have come a long way. A few years ago, it was unacceptable for shops to introduce CBD or THC infused products. Nowadays, you can find them in more places than you would think.

What’s more, many restaurants begin to specialize in cannabis cuisine. But is this trend going to maintain? The answer is yes. Moreover, it’s likely to grow even further.

Marijuana bred excessive interest only a few years ago. Sure, it’s always been a popular subject, but more people become convinced about it with its ongoing legalization and scientific research.

Soon, CBD may become a vital part of every kitchen. And considering its many benefits, this scenario is very likely to become a reality.

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