This Stuff’s Made in New York City!

New York City?!

By Habit 420


It appears New Yorkers can grow some pretty good size plants in their apartments. On Thursday, Brooklyn police discovered a number of large marijuana plants after chasing a robbery suspect into an apartment building. They eventually caught the robbery suspect, but they ran across the eight foot high plants while searching.

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The NYC Police grinning as they load large cannabis plants into the police van. Images: NY Daily News

From the New York Daily News:

Cops had been searching for the man in apartment buildings on Miller Ave. near New Lots Ave. An initial search for the suspect left them high and dry, but began anew when he was seen vaulting over backyard fences between Miller Ave. and Van Siclen. St.

In the meantime, an apartment full of bright green cannabis plants caught cops’ attention. The tenant there received a summons once the gigantic ganja was removed, police said.

“That’s a Christmas tree right there,” one neighbor said of the weed plants. “Christmas came early this year.”

Now, I know eight foot tall marijuana plants seem large to most people, but I am from Oregon, and we struggle to keep our plants under eight feet and happily grow them outdoors in the sunlight! However, for indoor growing in NYC, that seems pretty darn good! Too bad he lost all those plants.


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