Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana: April 2 Infographic

By OCC Staff


We all know reasons that prohibition has failed, but this list seemed to be a reasonable top ten to me. We know marijuana is safe and hasn’t killed anyone, but there are many other reasons we need to legalize, tax, and regulate commercial sales of the plant. People should also be able to grow their own, without fear of prosecution, and share with others for no compensation for profit.

Since prohibition has been such a complete failure with all drugs, not just marijuana, I ask that people think about applying some of these to other drugs. At least half of them could be applied to all illegal drugs, not just cannabis. When you look at the social, economic, and civil liberty aspects, it should apply across the board if we want to effectively help people on hard drugs. Using drugs is a social health and welfare issue, not a criminal justice issue.




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