Top 6 Potent Cannabis Strains Worth Knowing

Choosing the right cannabis strain is not the easiest of tasks, considering the wide variety of strains offered on the market nowadays and the countless factors that make all the strains unique in their own way. As it can morph into many varieties, versatility is exactly the one characteristic that makes cannabis a fascinating product. The moment a strain becomes popular, versions start being produced by many growers and brands, leading to a flourishing market of cannabis products.

In the article below, we will focus on some of the most potent cannabis strains that you, as a cannabis lover, newcomer, or enthusiast, will find worth knowing when in the quest of picking out top shelf weed. Let us guide you through the best strains to match your taste and fulfill your cannabis needs.

Pink Starburst

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Pink Starburst is an Indica and Sativa-balanced hybrid, which is an ultra-potent and highly preferred strain which cannabis connoisseurs choose. Although the name sounds innocent and light, cerebral over-stimulation can happen and therefore beginners should be very careful with the dose.

This strain contains a THC concentration that varies on the harvest and cure and can range between 20-30 percent. Pink Starburst has a distinct floral and sweet flavor and is recommended for morning and daytime medicinal or recreational use. People who suffer from chronic pain, depression, frequent stress find Pink Starburst to provide beneficial effects for these symptoms.

Undoubtedly, those looking for potent extractions will be more than content with this variety.


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To understand what ACDC is, you need to know what Cannatonic is. Cannatonic is one of the first strains that was developed to treat medical conditions. ACDC is a Sativa-prominent phenotype of Cannatonic that contains an even higher amount of CBD while having the lowest possible content of THC so it can be the most medicinal and least psychoactive strain.

ACDC grows about 120 cm tall and can be grown indoors or outdoors but is usually preferred indoors due to the controlled environment where it is kept away from pesticides and diseases.

The taste and aroma of ACDC are very pleasant and can be described as earthy sweetness with juicy citrus. ACDC is often preferred by patients who are allergic to foul-smelling odors, such as patients with epilepsy.

Due to its high CBD content, ACDC is used to treat conditions such as seizures, muscle twitching, chronic pain, or nerve pain. It can also help manage stress and anxiety and provide a boost in mood. ACDC has shown that it can heal and provide a relieving effect even in severe conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and tremors.


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A descendant of Colombian Gold, Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains, Harlequin is a Sativa marijuana strain that has a sweet cozy mango scent. It is known for its high potency of CBD.

This is a very carefully grown Sativa, usually for medicinal purposes and some even use it for recreational effects. The product’s genetics come from all over the world and therefore provide several therapeutic benefits.

The plant is usually tall compared to other stems and has medium green color leaves. The scent is often floral and herbal with a hint of mango, citrus, oak, sweetness, spice, and wood.

Harlequin’s high levels of CBD are one of the most effective treatment methods for relieving chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, and anxiety.

Durban Poison

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This landrace sativa variety originates in the South African port city of Durban. Its strain is popular because it contains large amounts of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a cannabinoid that suppresses appetite, reduces anxiety attacks in PTSD patients, promotes the growth of healthy bones and it can be very effective for diabetics and the treatment of the much-dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

THCV occurs naturally in landrace Sativa strains from Africa, such as the Durban Poison. It offers an intense, potent Sativa strain that is unofficially referred to as “cannabis espresso” because the strain has made itself known for causing an energetic, high intoxication without the mythical fog that is often associated with cannabis use.

This strain is perfect for increasing consumer productivity, energy, and the ability to stay awake.


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The Indica-dominant cannabis strain Nova OG produces thick and heavy buds, making it a very strong strain that few others can compete with due to its potency and powerful effect.

The high-quality strain was created by taking two strains (Harlequin and Jack the Ripper) and crossbreeding them together. This produced one of the best strains as it is a blend containing THC, CBD, Sativa, and Indica effect. It has great power in treating a variety of medical conditions but not leaving the user to feel lethargic or tired.

NOVA OG has more of a savory taste than a sweet one, similar to the flavors of the strains it was made of. Since the seeds for NOVA OG are not the easiest to find, the price is therefore usually higher.

With its genetic balance, it has proven to have numerous health benefits. It reduces inflammation and chronic pain and is often used for treating sleep disorders although a medical professional should always be consulted first for specific advice. Nevertheless, this strain is highly reliable and worth knowing.

Sour Diesel

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Although one of the priciest out there, the Sour Diesel strain is one of the most famous Sativa strains in the world with a stellar terpene profile. The effect produced by this strain tends to be energetic and cerebral in a way that some consumers would describe as a form of dream-like scenario.

The strain’s stress and pain-relieving properties, as well as its ability to help fight depression, have made Sour Diesel popular with many different individuals who tend to suffer from such conditions.

Final Thoughts

The search for a top potent cannabis strain has become somewhat complicated and confusing over the last few decades given the huge demand and offer of quality cannabis products. To make it more simple for you, we concentrated on six top-notch cannabis strains that will surely meet your expectations.

Always remember that many factors come into play when choosing the right strain. Each specific cannabis strain may contain a mixture of more than 100 different cannabinoids as well as 100 different terpenes.

Different individuals react differently to the effects and therefore you should try different ones to see which strain suits your particular needs and requirements.

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