Top 6 Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online in 2021

Buying and cultivating marijuana seeds is becoming a normal way for most individuals to become self-sufficient in their recreational and medical cannabis supply. Immediately you buy growing tents with all the necessary equipment, you can cultivate marijuana for a fraction of the cost of cannabis you buy in social clubs, streets, dispensaries, and coffee shops.

Ordering cannabis seeds is one of the benefits of eCommerce. Although ordering cannabis seeds online can be tricky due to some vulnerabilities that come with transacting online, the following tips can avert a bad experience:

Choose the Type of Seeds

It is wise to go for high-quality cannabis seeds. In order to achieve this, you should be conversant with all the varieties of seeds you can buy. Your choice can determine the kind of care marijuana will need.

For instance, regular seeds usually produce both male and female plants. Plus, these seeds are neither genetically nor chemically changed. This means they are natural. Other types of seeds you can buy include:

  • Auto-flowering
  • Feminized

Know the Laws

Before buying any cannabis seeds, make sure you are familiar with the laws of your state or country. By confirming with the laws, it would be simple to make a wise decision.

By doing so, you will also be very confident that no one can arrest you for ordering or buying cannabis seeds online.

Find a Reputable Seed Bank

Buying from a well-known seed bank can assure you that you are ordering quality products, and you will get what you’re searching for.

Plus, you will be in a better position to maintain the privacy of all your ordering transactions and get the necessary details you require.

Consider a Discrete Payment

There are many benefits of using a crypto currency like bitcoin to make payments when ordering marijuana seeds online. Your payment would be untraceable and 100% anonymous, making it a better option for people who wish to order cannabis seeds discreetly.

In addition, most seed banks provide discounts that may even go up to 25%. However, if you don’t prefer bitcoin as a form of making payment, you can consider other options, including:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank wire

Avoid Using Your Personal/Business Email

Other than changing your name, you should avoid using your personal or business email. Instead, you can use general email addresses without including your name.

It is also simple to create a free and new email address through or Gmail. Alternatively, you can use Qwant as your search engine to stay under the radar when buying seeds online.

Check the Delivery

Every buyer wants to receive their package after making an order. If you want to receive your order, be sure to check the delivery period of the seller.

Most seed banks deliver marijuana seeds within six days for local clients. However, some can even make the delivery the same day you order.

The Bottom Line!

Growing cannabis at home is a perfect way to get the strain you need. It is normal to be nervous, especially when it is your first time ordering cannabis.

The good news is that many reliable seed banks deliver cannabis seeds to countries that have legalized marijuana. You just need to be prepared with the help of these tips.

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