Upgrade Your CBD Vaping Experience in 2021 Using These 7 Tricks

It’s time for you to upgrade your CBD vaping experience. Even though 2018 had its ups and downs, we can’t miss the point that it was rewarding (and sometimes not) in many ways if we finally started using CBD as much as possible.

The benefits of CBD are limitless and impossible to ignore. The most exciting aspect is that people from all around the world started reaping all these benefits by just dabbling themselves with this ‘miracle supplement.’ And there’s practically no doubt about how effective it is when compared with other solutions out there – like painkillers, anxiety pills, antidepressants, etc.

However, vapers still need an extra push to get thousands of flavors and sub-ohm options available on the market right now – and that’s exactly where this article can be of great help. You can also have a look at different types of Vapes before proceeding.

Here are the seven tricks to upgrade your CBD vaping experience in 2021:

1. Smoke CBD Oil from a Pen Style Vape :

This is perhaps one of the most convenient ways you can use CBD oil. It’s cheap, easy to carry since it comes ‘in-built’ with vape pens, and always handy when you need them the most. You just have to remember not to abuse them for too long as they may get heated at some point which ultimately leads to wastage of precious CBD oil.

2. Go for a Squonk Mod + RDA :

If you’re someone who’s interested in more flavors and vapors, squonking mods are perhaps the best way to go. Squonk mods are basically ‘bottom feeding’ devices that have become quite popular these days for people who like building their own coils and vaping them with a custom RDA.

Squonk mods aren’t only limited to CBD oil, but they can be used along with any vape juice you wish (This is mainly aimed towards people who get bored easily with flavors). Since squonking removes direct contact between tank and mod, you’ll get loads of clouds from every hit, and this will eventually allow more flavor breakdown in your mouth.

3. Buy Plenty of Accessories :

While there’s no denying that buying accessories might cost you extra than normal vapes, investing in quality parts & pieces is going to help you get the most out of your CBD vaping experience.

Consider buying accessories like extra coils, best replacement glass for RDA and RDTA’s, cotton wicks, wire cutters, etc., which can be used with almost all kinds of mods available in the market right now. Not only will they significantly increase your lifespan as a vaper, but they’ll also give you more freedom to create something new every time!

4. Take Extra Care Of Your Vape Mod :

Mod maintenance is absolutely crucial if you’re using them on a regular basis. If there are any loose batteries around or your mod has been plugged in/out for too long, then make sure that you check everything before firing up those clouds again. We personally recommend at least checking the battery contacts and ensuring that they’re clean from any dust or dirt before giving it a go.

5. Use CBD Based Vape Juice with Your Tank :

There are plenty of good third-party CBD vape juice flavors available in the market right now – and we can’t stress enough how well they work when combined with your favorite vaping tanks. The best thing about these CBD vapes is that they come ‘pre-filled, which means that you don’t have to worry about running out of liquid for hours on end. Just make sure you buy them from a reliable source!

6. Take Extra Care When Vaping High PG E-Liquids With A Sub-Ohm Tank :

E-liquid makers are heavily pushing high PG e-juice all over the place, and that’s mainly because it generates a ton of clouds which is exactly what most vapers look for. While this might be great news, you should know that some high PG e-liquids have been known to crack plastic tanks based on previous experiences (we recommend using glass tanks if you’re serious about vaping CBD).

7. Start Vaping CBD at Lower Wattage :

While we don’t think this point needs any explanation, we’d like to remind everyone out there who’s new with vaping devices that they shouldn’t start off by firing 100W+ wattage right from the get-go. All you need to do is check your tank resistance first before firing those coils since it’ll save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


Vaping with CBD is great – but you should always be careful about how high you vape and the kind of mods you’re using. While there’s always a risk of explosions, we recommend using regulated mods instead of mech mods if you’re looking for cool clouds and flavors. There are plenty of companies that we’ve personally used, and they all sell quality CBD juices at competitive prices. If you really want to get the most out of vaping with CBD, check them out!

Despite everything stated above, remember that it’s still best to consult your doctor before taking in any sort of cannabinoids. However, it is legal in some countries because research has shown that CBD can be used as an effective treatment against epilepsy, among other things.

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