V.A. Cannabis Recommendations Dropped By Conference Committee

By OCC Staff


After both houses of Congress support Veteran access to medical marijuana, the conference committee omits all recognition in final bill. Late Wednesday night, just a day after blocking banking reforms for the cannabis industry, another committee has pulled a fast one on veterans, denying them easy access to recommendations for the healing plant.

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The Congressional conference committee handling the 2017 appropriations bill was expected to reconcile the separate amendments that passed the House and Senate in May. The final package would have then been sent to the President to be signed into law. Unfortunately, the provisions were left out completely, which will continue to force veterans to seek their cannabis medicine outside the V.A. and not provide a cost effective referrals by their own V.A. Doctors when possible.

The conference committee is made up of members from either chamber who then meet to reconcile the differences. A final package is then forwarded to the president for enactment after an uo and down vote in the Senate.

Wanna Smoke? Pay Me!
Wanna Smoke? Pay Me! By Latuff.

In our article on the historic move, we highlighted Portland Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s statement on the bi-partisan agreement, and linked a video of his comments on the floor of the House of Representatives.

From Tom Angell at Marijuana.com

“Marijuana policy observers expected that the conference committee would include protections for veterans who need medical cannabis since the measures passed so handily through bipartisan votes in both chambers.

But the final V.A. spending package released late Wednesday night is totally silent on the issue, forcing veterans who want medical marijuana to continue to seek recommendations from doctors outside the V.A., which can be costly and time-consuming.

The news comes just one day after Congressional Republicans blocked amendments that would allow state-legal cannabis businesses to access banking services and let Washington, D.C. spend its own money to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana sales from being considered on the House floor.”

The Republican controlled Congress has dealt another blow to marijuana reform. The myopic view of just a few members is controlling what could be a reasonable party. The obvious bigoted moves by Congressional committees leaves a sour taste in your mouth, and a pit in your stomach. The vast majority of Americans want reform to happen, yet Congress continues to ignore the will of the people, again.

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