Vaping Cannabis: Where To Start and How

Let me ask you an honest question: Have you ever vaped concentrates before? If this answer is “no”, you are in the right place — and if you said yes, you are still in the right place. Because, hey, there is nothing wrong with a little refresher course. Right?

Vaping concentrates has many benefits including letting you get the most from your high, enjoying more of those brain massaging benefits that your (hopefully) THC-rich golden wax has to offer, and is just overall much more fun in the long run. You have probably seen many people sporting cool, funky vape pens and thought to yourself “What vape is that?” Check out the dab pens over at TheVape.Guide. They have a great “best vape pens” list that will help you get started.

Concentrates: Types

Before we take a step further, if you aren’t already familiar with concentrates, they are a few varieties out there. While they all possess a combination of THC and CBD, each are made with a different process and come in different forms and textures. The five most popular types of concentrates are kief, hash, butane hash oil, CO2 oil and rosin.

  • Kief – This one has a sand-like, almost dusty appearance and texture and is very potent. It is made from the resin glands from the trichomes of the marijuana plant. You can find it at the bottom of your grinder after grinding up some herb.
  • Hash – this is essentially kief, however, it is scraped usually from the surface of the plant and is usually compressed and packed to form a “brick”, instead of falling off the buds like kief.
  • Butane Hash Oil – This concentrates comes in a sticky, thick honey-like texture and uses butane as a solvent during processing. It is super potent with a THC concentration of around 80% – making for a killer high.
  • CO2 Oil – This oil has a more oily/runny texture and is made using supercritical carbon dioxide and applying precise amounts of pressure and heat. It is very potent with a powerful odor, released by the terpenes of the weed flower, now trapped in the oil.
  • Rosin – Rosin is the only truly solventless extract, where the wax is extracted like the sap that it is, by pressing it out of the flowers of the plant. Rosin presses both heat and apply over a thousand pounds of pressure to the flowers, out of which comes a thick and sticky wax, with an amber tint.

Why You Should Vape Your Concentrates

You might be wondering: What is so special about vaping THC anyway? I like the way I smoke it already.

Well, as the old saying goes, “Don’t knock something until you try it” and trust us when we tell you … you definitely want to try vaping. The benefits of vaping rather than smoking your THC is abundant and we can hardly contain ourselves giving you the rundown. So, check this out.

  • If you are a dry herb kind of guy/gal or use both weed and concentrates, vape pens and e-nails are better on your budget than forking out big bucks on a proper weed vape. Just saying.
  • Want something with a little more kick? Vape pens are the key since they use high-THC concentrates which doesn’t produce harmful smoke and gets you more high than regular trees.
  • There is no point in smoking OR vaping if it doesn’t taste good. Vape pens offer an improved flavor to your concentrates based on their build and coils – a plus for you, for sure. Once you try vaping concentrates it’ll be hard to go back!
  • Trying to get a quick sesh in while out? Vape pens offer a discreet way to get your buzz with inconspicuous and slim designs. Plus they are super convenient due to their size. Just pack, vape, and throw in your bag or pocket when you finish.
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Choosing to vape your THC is more convenient for hits on-the-go and stronger hits at that!

Your Vaping Checklist

We are sure by this point that we have held your attention and are probably wanting to know what you will need to get started vaping. Well, we can definitely help with that. Here is a simple checklist of things you should pick up for your first vaping sesh with concentrates:

  • Your vape of choice – There isn’t really a right choice but you will definitely need a vape pen or e-nail. As mentioned above, TheVape.Guide can point you in the right direction.
  • Your dab tools – What are dab tools? While looking like re-purposed dentist tools, they make it easier to portion your dabs and load them into your vape pen or e-nail.
  • Your concentrates, of course – do we really need to say any more?

How To Vape Your THC Concentrates

Ok, so we covered what kinds of concentrates there are, why you should be joining the vaping revolution, and what you will need to get started…but how do you use the d**n thing?! Don’t worry, we got you covered.

  • Grab a little dab – this step can be skipped if you have kief or hash, but for shatter and wax, use your dab tool to grab a good sized piece.
  • Load your vape – take your concentrates and load them into the atomizer chamber of the vape pen. Make sure you’re putting your concentrates in the right section though, you don’t want to get it in the air holes!
  • Close and Vape – once you load up, simply close your vape pen, press the firing button, and take your first sweet draw – inhale from the mouthpiece to get your vape on!

Final Thoughts

Lets recap: You learned about some of the concentrates that are out there (5 that we covered), why you should be vaping instead of smoking (convenience, better taste, stronger high), what you will need (vape pen, THC, and dab tools), and how to vape your concentrates (break up, load, and vape).

While there can be a slight learning curve with some devices, vaping in general isn’t very difficult to pick up and is something that you will definitely want to try. If you haven’t already done so, you need to get moving and enjoy what vaping has to offer – which is a whole hell of a lot!

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