Washington Sports Bar Allows Marijuana Use

By Habit 420

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August 3, 2016 – In Washington a sports bar owner is defying authorities and allowing patrons to smoke marijuana in the back of his establishment. Not only is he allowing the cannabis use on his premises, which authorities say is against Washington State laws, he is serving liquor without a license.

As far back as 2013, Frankies Sports Pub owner Frankie Schnarrs has allowed people to discreetly use cannabis in the back of his bar. In 2013, Schnarrs told the Los Angeles Times, “You get used to the smell — it’s like the mold at your Mom’s house,”

“It’s strange at first, but later you realize, ‘Oh, that’s what that is.’ Some people walk in here these days and go, ‘Oh, wow.’ But most walk in and say: ‘Oh, wow. This is cool!'” Schnarrs added. “These stoners are polite people…I haven’t heard as much ‘Yes, sir’ and ‘No, sir’ in my 25 years in the bar business.”

Washington state authorities fined him $500 and suspended his liquor license, but Schnarrs continued to operate, serving liquor and allowing marijuana use. His most recent suspension expired on August 2nd, but he was defiant.

“I want them to take my license from me. They can go to Hell. Get out of here. Get off my property,” Schnarrs told KATU Channel 2 news in Seattle. “”There is no violation of the Liquor Board. It’s all in their head.” (KATU TV Image Gallery.)

Authorities have not disclosed what course of action may be taken, and are aware of the continued operation of the business.

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