What are the Effects of CBD on Pets?

Just like humans, pets also undergo healthy and unhealthy phases during their lifetime. If you are a pet owner, you might know, pets also get sick like humans. They almost share the same illnesses as well. Hence, it’s obvious to assume that the same medicines can bring their health back. But this is not the ultimate truth.

If your pet gets sick, the default reaction would definitely be to visit a veterinary clinic. However, this is not always possible, especially when carrying your pet disrupts their health even more. You can find several products in the market claiming to restore your pet’s health but may not be best for your furry fellow.

Amidst all these confusing thoughts, a newly legalized product known as CBD is gaining momentum due to its applauding benefits by the users. It has emerged as a more natural treatment to provide energy and restore the health of your pet. Keep reading ahead to know more about CBD and its proposed effects for your pets.

How Does CBD work?

CBD, an abbreviated form of Cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa, known as the hemp plant. CBD belongs to the family of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Out of all 113 cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the most frequently used and widely known among people.

CBD induced therapeutic effects by reacting with the endocannabinoid system. The molecules from CBD react with the natural cannabinoids which the body produces. 

Many of the researchers have suggested that lower endocannabinoid levels in the body bring about several health concerns. Thus taking supplementary CBD helps in relieving symptoms.

Both pets and humans have an endocannabinoid system, but its working is significantly different among animals. Let’s know if CBD can work for your pet!

Is CBD Safe for Your Pet?

With a sudden rise in the use of CBD, many pet owners are looking for reliable information, if they can use CBD to improve the quality of life for their pet? Well, there is no specific answer to this question. 

However, it is best to make an individual decision for your furry fellow.

No doubt, CBD has shown positive effects on animals, but since every pet is unique, you must patiently decide if CBD can foster your pet’s well-being in real! Let’s have a look through possible pros and cons, which can help you decide better!

Pros of CBD Oil for Pets

Lower Anxiety Levels:

Who doesn’t love to be around pets? You might also love to take care of your pet 24/7, but this desire is too good to be true. Similarly, animals also wish to be with their owners, but life gets in the way of becoming a reality.

Your pet may start developing self-destructive behaviors in response to his growing separation. As with humans, the condition in pets demands treatment as well. Your common veterinary may ask you to teach him some new emotional response or prescribe medication. These medications work effectively but also come with numerous side effects as well.

To avoid all such counter effects for your pet, CBD has come as a savior. Its therapeutic effects can enable your pet to combat this situation in a friendly and natural way.

Reduces Risk of Cancer:

According to statistics, almost 6 million dogs get affected with cancer in a single year. Just like many other unfortunate pets out there, your pet might be at risk of developing cancer cells.

Cancer among pets is not very well reported. This is why little is known about cancer development among animals; nevertheless, it is true, and it happens. Therefore, CBD is tested as significant protection to avoid cancer among pets.

 If your pet already has developed cancer cells, CBD can still do wonders to save your furry fellow. CBD has been vouched to be effective in reducing nausea and pain among pets diagnosed with cancer.

Apart from pain management, it is also known to slow down the tumor’s growth, thus delaying and somewhat curbing cancer development among your pet.

Treatment of Arthritis:

Humans age with time, and pets are no different than us all. As with humans, pets also face joint and muscle pain symptoms, difficulty walking and running, which eventually lead to arthritis development.

Many suitable medications bring back your pet’s regular health but somehow leave behind irreversible side effects. Some most common among the users are kidney failure, vomiting, diarrhea or intestinal ulcers, and many more.

Thus to avoid all such nuisances, CBD has come to be a great relief for pet owners. It is known to revive basic strength and stamina in your pets. Hence, ultimately stand out in treating arthritis among pets as well.

Other Benefits:

Apart from the preceding benefits, CBD can also help to cure a phobia, digestive issues, and seizures among your pets. A critical complication such as breathing concerns may also improve with the consistent use of CBD. When used in the right proportion, CBD can result in wonderful effects for your pets. Moreover, Cannabis cartridge packaging is very travel-friendly so that you can take it anywhere along with your pet.

Cons of CBD Oil For Pets

Physical Drawbacks:

Since every pet is unique and each breed can react differently to CBD, its users have a possible side effect. Although, in comparison, the pros slight out shadow cons of CBD. But let me tell you, overlooking one aspect of its usage can result in harmful effects for your pet.

Thus, CBD is known to cause some physical disadvantages for your pet. This majorly includes vomiting, body shaking, and agitated mood throughout the day. One distinct side effect can be being energetic and instantly getting less energetic after taking a dosage of CBD. Therefore, before you decide to give it a try, be aware of suspected side effects as well.

Excessive Lethargy:

Aside from experiencing physical side effects, CBD can also lead to excessive lethargy among your pet. The prominent symptoms include mental fuzziness, lethargy, and a less energetic attitude throughout the day.

Moreover, depending upon their bodies’ varied systematic performance, other side effects can cause dry mouth and overactive appetite, etc.

Increase in Liver Enzymes:

Depending on the dosage and type of CBD product you select for your pet, it may react with liver enzymes as well. This reaction leads to an increased number of liver enzymes, which can be highly toxic for your pet. The combination of a high liver enzyme can induce liver diseases, abdominal pain: fatigue, and many such concerns.

Final Words

As a pet owner, I understand your priority to treat your fury fellow alike. Thus, keeping in mind all the possible effects of CBD on your pet, it’s on you to make the best decision for your pet.

Many users have reported it as a savior to improve the quality of life for their pet, while there are chances of side effects as well. Keeping in mind all the information, contact your veterinary doctor and decide which is the most enduring way to treat your pet’s concerns with utmost advantages.

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