What Do Poker Players Think of Legal Cannabis in Nevada (video)

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Nevada legalized weed on July 1st for all adults over 21 years old. The state made a killing in the first week of sales and dispensaries were so busy, the supply has begun to run dry at many of the states 47 legal retail stores. They cleared over $3 million in sales and $1 million for the tax coffers.

Of course, one of the largest demographics that frequents Nevada casinos are poker players. Over the decade or more, poker has become a popular game, and big money can be made winning or even placing high in one of the frequent tournaments that can be had across the state.

Just how do they feel about legal marijuana? Lucky for us, Pokernews.com interviewed a few regular poker players about what they thought about the new legal intoxicant. The responses were similar, and everyone in their segment seemed to support it or at least the freedom of people to choose. From the Pokernews.com video:

“My thoughts on recreational marijuana is that I really like my job, and I want to keep it, so I have no thoughts on recreational marijuana,” said Joe Stapleton. “Otherwise, I will have no money to buy recreational marijuana if I answer this question…”

“I ‘ll be honest, I can’t really smoke weed.,” explained Jackie Glazier with an Australian accent. “It has a bad effect on me, but yeah, I think it’s good. If you enjoy it, go for it.”

“I think recreational marijuana is fantastic,” explained Evan Jarvis. “I think the fact that people can actually know what they are getting when they but the pot—marijuana, or whatever you want to call it—before they smoke it is very helpful because there are certain types of weed, like indicas, that get us just, like, super tired…like munchies I’m passed out on the couch weed, and then there are others, like the sativas, that get people really focused.”

Watch the full video below:

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