What Marijuana Has Taught Me

I’ve earned my seat at the big boy cannabis table by just doing what I love, writing. After coming home from the night shift at Raytheon, I would sit in the room we had designated as the computer/ extra bedroom, and there I would write personal pieces that would eventually make its way to “The Website We Shall Not Name,” the place I met the brains and beauty for creating www.weednews.co.

As I work on fresh material for you, in between the day job, kids, wife, and need to play Halo Reach, I would like to bring you throwback articles with touchups here on www.occnewspaper.com. Things I think are important or that I’m proud to have written.

By Miguel Mulholland (Miggy420)


What Marijuana Has Taught Me

In the beginning, it was a seed. Than the light had shone, with some water to quench it’s thirst, it would grow to be a mighty stalk. Only to end up sprawled on some college students table or even some professionals desk. In the beginning, it was a seed.

I was thinking of what would be the best way to present this write, and I think that was it, so here we go. You may be wondering “What the hell could marijuana teach anybody?”, well, I’m here to tell you.


I now know that there are roughly 28 grams in an ounce and 16 ounces in a pound. Now, this is the macroeconomics. On the micro scale, we break the proverbial ounce down. One-half ounce equals 14 grams roughly, one-quarter is 7 grams, and an eighth of an ounce is roughly 3.5 grams. Anything less is probably 20 bucks, and they’ll sit down and smoke your shit with you.


No pot didn’t make me literate, in fact, it has had the opposite effect at times; But what it has done for me is make me seek out. Seek out information from others, seek out others written works, and seek out knowledge. And you know what, most of that was in written word.


Now, do I have to get into that one? I’m talking about tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC. That’s the thing that makes your pain go away, occasionally makes you paranoid (cause it’s illegal, I believe marijuana paranoia is more of a subconscious guilt for breaking the law) and also give you what is commonly known as the munchies.

THC Limit,California,5 nanogram,DUII,DUI,Committee,Senator Hill,DriveThose are the basics and why commonly not all high school dropouts are complete idiots. Now for the not so basics. It has taught me the law. Did you know under an ounce of marijuana in your possession in California is a misdemeanor (This was originally published in April of 2011). And that’s if you don’t have a state card that just allows you to have it if you’re “sick,” does sick of work count?

More on the law topic, when one is in a different state be sure to review that state’s search and seizure laws. Just cause you look like a hippie doesn’t mean the police can just go through your car. Keep in mind though, if you look high or act a fool you may find yourself in the back of a patrol car.

Twice I have been pulled over which resulted in me telling the cop I have pot on me. The first time I made a left turn where I shouldn’t have. As I rolled down my window and the chimney smoke effect came out of my car, the officer asked if I had anything illegal. I told him I had some marijuana on me; he asked to see my bag, then my pipe (which I stuffed down my pants). He asked if we had anything else (like meth) we kindly replied no. He took my bag, dumped it out in the grass along the curb, handed me back my pipe, and informed me I shouldn’t smoke and drive – pretty crazy huh.

The second time, I was on my way to a job (at the time I worked construction, actually destruction, so my work would vary from place to place). I was pulled over for a missing break light. The officer asked me the same thing, and I replied in truth. Well the next thing I know a gun was drawn on me, I was sitting in the back of a patrol car, and four other cop cars rolled up tearing apart my car. Of course, I had a small amount on me, so nothing else was found; but during them tearing apart my car I was throwing a fit in the back of the cop car, not the smartest thing to do. Anyways, after several threats, I was let go with a ticket.

Let us not forget the social dynamic as well. Marijuana has made me think out of the cardboard box. It’s not like I can make a midnight run to Wal-Mart. Especially at my age. It uses to be all my friends had a way to get it, now as “adults” we are more worried about getting busted, about losing the things we’ve worked so hard to get, about being in the paper getting labeled as a pot head. When trying to score a bag, especially in a new city, it’s like being a spy. You have to use code words and prove to certain people they can trust you.

The terms pot head, stoner, etc. really have no effect on me; but I think too many people associate pot head with gonna break into your house and steal your jewelry.

There’s also “the government isn’t always right, in fact, is corrupt lesson.” After you’ve partaken in the plant, whether you’re a repeat offender or not, you begin to contemplate the who’s and the why’s.

Who benefited from the plant being illegal? If it’s so dangerous, why isn’t alcohol illegal? And if the government is looking out for the public, why go another step further and outlaw all sharp objects. More people get stabbed each year than there are just marijuana (no other substance included) accidents.

Think about this for a minute, the only reason marijuana is illegal is partly due to the pharmaceutical companies having lobbyist. It’s someone’s job to sit in Washington for any given company and/or cause and to watch bills being passed and grease palms to pass bills, in the self-interest of that thing. Common sense has nothing to do with the government.

In the beginning, it was a seed. In the end, it is illegal.


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