What State Smokes The Most Marijuana?: June 25 Infographic

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By OCC Staff


There’s always that debate … what state smokes the most cannabis. I think Oregon is the winner, per capita, anyway. Our friends at Badass Glass made up this infographic and shared it with us. They say it’s Colorado, but I have to question the science behind that, being an Oregonian and all. You’re cool Colorado, but the old time growers and history of weed in the PNW is legendary, and Oregon has been the center of it for 5 decades. Their references are at the end of the graphic.

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One thought on “What State Smokes The Most Marijuana?: June 25 Infographic

  • 06/27/2017 at 12:35 am

    We’re number two, we’re number two, we need to try harder!! Don’t bogart that joint…

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