Why recovery is the key to effective exercise: 6 Tips to reboot your workout routine

Taking care of our body by exercising is a positive way for a favorable outcome. It is not always easy to find time and have a quality workout. Each body is individual and goals can differ from one another. Once you choose your goal and decide how to overcome challenges it is time to create a workout routine. If you are ready then you should consider some issues that can be related to your workout. Few amateurs know what recovery means for your body.

 What is recovery?

 The term recovery means going back to its initial state. Each workout needs a recovery process to get ready for another workout. If you do not pay attention to the recovery process your body can suffer serious problems. The recovery depends on your workout difficulty as well. It is always advised to follow the personal trainer’s indications to get the desired effect. If you are training on your own there are some tips on how to reboot your workout routine and optimize the recovery process. 

1. Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining is a state of fatigue. It is both a physical and emotional state. Some symptoms of overtraining are irritability, sleep alteration, and a decrease in appetite. When you feel uninterested in your training results or the sports you are practicing do not excite you that much, you are probably in front of the overtraining. How to avoid overtraining? 

  • You should have a personalized training plan that would adapt to your body and goals.
  • Follow a balanced diet, eat well to get all the necessary nutrients.
  • Create a relaxed sleep pattern. Sleep is the only situation when your body and mind can relax and get charged. 
  • A blood Check is essential at least twice a year.  
  • Rest from your daily routines. Once a week do whatever your mind desires. 

2. Use CBD Topicals to support tired muscles  

A workout is pressure on your muscles. To maintain muscle soreness there are alternative solutions. Use CBD Topicals to support tired muscles, to alleviate the soreness. CBD topicals should be taken immediately after the workout to receive the desired effect. CBD is also a strong pain reliever and can be used to reduce muscle pain. Training causes sweat extraction which sometimes can cause skin issues. CBD solutions also can be a good treatment for skin problems due to their anti-inflammatory characteristics. Acnes and eczemas are also under the competence of CBD-based topicals. CBD topicals used for muscle relief have shown high effectivity results. Though more studies should be done to confirm and determine CBD’s effectiveness on our health in general, it is already undeniable that this natural remedy has high inflammation-reducing and pain-relieving properties.

3. Keep a water bottle within reach

When exercising your body is sweating and you lose lots of fluids. Your muscles also lose their soreness. If the training is hard you can face a dehydration issue. The best solution to this is keeping a bottle of water within reach. Take water in small quantities and refill the deficit of the liquid of your body. Do not leave your body necessities unattended. Correct hydration is the straight way to reach your goals in the training. 

4. Take a green smoothie and hot bath

Detox smoothies are becoming more and more popular. A green smoothie is a good solution to clean your body from non-desirable elements. People claim that when they use detox smoothies they sleep better and have more energy than usual. Smoothies are good solutions after or before a workout. Spinach, baby kale, celery, green apple, banana can be one of many combinations of a good detox smoothie. After a hard workout, a big cup of smoothie, it is time to take a hot bath to recover the elasticity of your muscles.

5. Do 10-minute stretch

After a long workout, you should follow a stretch to relieve your muscles. Only 10-15 minutes of body stretch can help improve your recovery. Sometimes you are tired or bored of so much workout. Even though a stretch routine is essential to cool down your muscles. Professional trainers say that it is a pity that many people who go to the gym do not do the stretch after their workout. The trainers advise not to be lazy and help muscles recover by a few minutes of stretch activities. 

6. Sleep 8 hours 

Sleep is a charger of our body. We recover after a relaxed 8-hour sleep and get enough energy to continue with our random chores. Your immune system depends on sleep. A deep sleep enhances your body with enough power and spirit to continue the next day’s workout. If you lack sleep you lose motivation. Low motivation keeps you far from your goals.  

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a good workout can charge you with the impulse to get your goals. Nevertheless, you should consider recovery as a key point for healthy exercising. Healthy food, good hydration, CBD topicals, and other natural calming solutions, smoothies, and hot baths can lead you to an effective training and happy life!

William Stash Jones

William "Stash" Jones is a medical marijuana patient and medical cannabis advocate. He focuses on medical cannabis and its benefits, and believes that medical cannabis is the solution to many problems in medicine today.

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