Willie Nelson Advises Attorney General to Try Weed and Heroin

By Habit 420
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Legendary musician and songwriter Willie Nelson recently took time out on his tour bus and spoke with the Washington Posts’ Libby Casey. The video interview covered a number of topics, including his new record, his Presidential aspirations, and he also had some poignant advice for America’s top law enforcement official about marijuana.

Nelson has been pushing back against the recent Department of Justice saber rattling surrounding cannabis laws and federal enforcement actions that could be coming, even to states with legal cannabis. In May he told Rolling Stone that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should try it to see what it’s like, indicating that Sessions is a liar because of his recent statements.

I have been curious where Libby Casey went, after Al Jazeera America folded up their U.S. bureau. For many years she was with C-Span in Washington D.C. covering Congress before jumping to Al Jazeera as one of their primary hosts. I am glad to see she is wioth the Washington Post now, one of the country’s most venerable newspapers.

In his interview with Casey, he spoke about his brands that are currently available and also reiterated his belief that sessions needs to try it, and heroin, so he can compare the two. From Casey’s interview:

Casey: I got to ask you about this right here (Pointing to a container of Willie’s branded cannabis).

Nelson: Oh yea. What do you want to know?

Casey: Ok, so, Willie’s Reserve, tell us about it.

Nelson: Well, you know, this is Willie Reserve. It’s available in Colorado. I’m just noticing this is Jack Herer (strain), do you remember him? He was a writer and The Emperor Wears No Clothes is one of the things he wrote.

Casey: And what is this? (Casey points to another container on the small table between them)

Nelson: This is Blackberry Headband … Stone Aged Gardens (Nelson chuckles). That’s pretty funny!

Casey: It’s like the direction of the country seems to be liberalizing towards marijuana and yet we have an administration that’s trying to crack down. You know the Attorney General has compared it to heroin.

Nelson: Yeah, that’s what I hear. I kinda sent him a message to try heroin and then try marijuana and then call me (chuckles) and then let me know if he still thinks it’s the same thing or that one is as bad as the other. It’s just a matter of education … he doesn’t know.

The 84-year-old legend has more sense than our new Attorney General. Let’s hope Sessions takes his advice, or at least tries cannabis so he will understand it’s not what he thinks. One has to wonder, however, if Sessions dislike for cannabis comes from actual ignorance or simply political expediency since Sessions base of support is generally far to the right of most other voters. The truth is, people that far right tend to be against “the devil’s lettuce” and still buy the reefer madness propaganda from people like Sessions.

Watch the interview below:

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